The Story So Far

Lex International milestones
First offices opened in US and Canada

Lex International US office has been providing high quality consulting services and representing its clients in the United States since 1980s.
In 1984 Lucius Smejda, attorney both in the US and Canada together with his partners founded a law firm "Smejda & Associates PA". First two offices were opened in Alberta (Canada) and Miami (USA).
Mr. Smejda was practicing internationally and gained recognition not only in North America but in various countries around the World. "Smejda & Associates PA" formed a professional network of attorneys working together in various ways including referencing clients and information exchange. In 1988 the company was joined by George Firestone, former Florida Secretary of State (1979-1987) and Senator (1972-1978). His international experience, connections and energy were fundamental factors that influenced «Smejda & Associates PA» future development as international consulting company.
Founders of "Smejda & Associates PA" believed that the center of the World is not only in New York, Berlin or Paris but anywhere their clients’ interests are at stake.

First European office established in Paris

In 1992 «Smejda & Associates PA» opened first European office in Paris. Incipiently, office in Paris was managed by Lucius Smejda, who had the master’s in law degree from The Sorbonne University. French businessmen and wealthy families having interests in US or Canada became first clients for the office. Since French office establishment its lawyers took active part in the work of French American-Chamber of Commerce of Florida, were presenting commentaries and reports on US-France legal matters on various conferences, TV and radio programs.

Smejda & Associates P.A. becomes Lex International Law Firm

In 2001 «Smejda & Associates PA» was renamed as «Lex International Law Firm PA». The name change was part of the new strategy for the company aimed at international expansion and partnering with other consulting firms worldwide. Lex International team was joined by such renowned lawyers as WILLIAM H. NEWTON, III and ANTONIO R. ZAMORA, whose practical and academic background made the company both qualified consulting partner for clients worldwide and international center for professional knowledge exchange.

Foundation of international network

Due to unique practical experience covering legal specifics in various countries, outstanding professional team and partners around the world, «Lex International Law Firm» provided its clients reliable legal assistance internationally. In 2007 Lex International Law Firm PA together with law firms in several countries established «Lex International Network» with headquarters in Miami and Montreal.
Lex International Network Inc is incorporated in Canada and is inscribed in the corporate register of the Quebec province. The Lex International Network registered name in French is Réseau Lex International Inc.

RichWise Consulters becomes the Russian branch of Lex International

Soon after network establishment, its offices in Paris, Brussels and Luxembourg were opened. High demand in Lex services from Eastern-European and Eurasian clients was an impact for opening new offices. In 2007 Moscow office opened its doors, in 2009 started working office in Kiev (Ukraine), in 2011 reference agreements were signed with consulting companies from Montenegro and Romania. In 2013 «Lex International Network» was joined by «RichWise Consulters», a consulting company from St. Petersburg (Russia). In 2015 «RichWise Consulters» was reincorporated as Lex International Rus Ltd. and took over Lex International practice in Russia and Belorussia. Since 2017 Lex International Rus Ltd. is the network’s regional headquarter in Eastern Europe and CIS.

Organizational change and new strategy implementation

In 2018 Lucius Smejda, the Lex International Law Firm PA president, passed away. George Firestone, one of the most renowned and respected consultants of the company died in 2012. By 2018 most of the lawyers who founded the company and were key practitioners throughout its history have retired.
Lex International Network board approved new strategy aimed at developing key offices under the brand Lex International in regions of presence, improving the level of interoffice integration and signing reference agreements with offices providing services under own brands. The strategy is based on widening the range of services provided, focusing on accounting, tax, management and investment consulting. One of the key aspects of the strategy is improving employees’ mobility and usage of remote work and collaboration tools. As the step of strategy implementation, new regional Lex International Network office for South America was opened in 2017 in Asuncion (Paraguay).