Practice Areas

The many sides of Lex International

Corporate Law


We represent a spectrum of domestic and foreign business structures (corporations, partnerships and "pass through" entities). One of our fortés is implementing business start-ups. This includes planning to attain long-term client goals; selecting the appropriate operational structure; establishing basic relationships (commercial, executive and banking); providing executive support such as executive participation and visas etc.; protecting industrial or commercial property (trademarks and trade secrets); due diligence research and reporting.

Business Immigration


Lex International is able to help businesses navigate the complex systems of immigration laws, regulations and treaties in a timely manner. We provide immigration advice to domestic and foreign businesses and investors. We often render immigration services in conjunction with tax and estate planning for people receiving significant foreign-source income or for business executives. Through our networks, we assist clients in applying for, and facilitate their procurement of, appropriate visas.

Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation


Providing high-quality services to our clients day by day we do our best to anticipate conflicts. In case the dispute still arises, we propose numerous options to make litigation avoidable. Among other alternatives, mediation is a powerful tool to nip lawsuits in the bud, resolve long-standing disputes and hopefully produce satisfactory solutions for both sides. In case our clients need to move forward to arbitration and litigation, our dedicated team has extensive experience of reaching satisfactory conclusions.

Intellectual Property Law


Intellectual property (IP) law is a modern legal practice area that protects creations of the human mind. However, its importance and economic impact is often overlooked by those who create intellectual property. We take an integrated approach to successfully grow and protect our clients' innovations, to deliver comprehensive solutions to strengthen, defend and enforce their IP. From market leaders to dynamic startups, we help protect market position, assist in the creation, acquisition, protection and commercialization of intellectual property.

National & International Tax Law


We undertake an extensive and diversified tax practice regarding domestic and international tax jurisdictions. We provide domestic (federal, state and local) and international tax services primarily for investors, multinational businesses, general and limited partnerships, individuals, trusts, estates, corporations and other entities. Our services include analyzing and optimizing laws and jurisdictions; utilizing domestic and international entities and structures; and conforming chosen plans with judicial, tax and governmental requisites.

Commercial & Business Law


Our approach – teamwork with highly qualified professionals and clients' trusted advisors – provides a wealth of skills enabling elaboration of comprehensive strategies. Thus, our clients benefit from wide-ranging experience in structuring, negotiating, and implementing business acquisitions and divestitures, mergers and reorganizations, debt and equity financing, and capital market transactions in both public and private sectors, leveraged buyouts, corporate restructuring, commercial compliance, as well as equipment leasing and U.C.C. matters.

Mergers and Acquisitions and Debt Placement Consulting


Our teams worldwide are highly skilled in providing professional advice on corporate mergers and acquisitions at national and international level. Apart from legal services we are ready to meet our clients' demands in the fields of M&A general financial and business consulting, appraisal and valuation.
As a separate line of consulting, we assist debt placement preparation which allows our clients to gain access to domestic and foreign financing sources, including insurance companies, banks and government-sponsored agencies.

Regulatory Advice & Compliance Risk Management


Our designated compliance advisory team with a strong background in banking and financial risk management is servicing clients in developing KYC (know your client) protocols, policy management, representation and providing support with audit trails, setting compliance alerts and compliance calendars, preparing customized compliance reports, custom branding, asset risk reduction and operational responses to threats such as suspicious activity and compromised accounts.

Notary Services and Real Estate Transaction Management


We do our best to meet our customers’ expectations by providing a full range of transaction support services, notary and signing agent services dedicated to creating time-saving, affordable, efficient and high quality transaction processes and meeting the needs of each of our customers in varied industries. Since 2020 our team in Florida are now providing remote notary services, where allowed by law.